Tuesday, July 04, 2006

We've had a wonderfully relaxing 4th of July weekend with hubby getting out of work early on Friday and off thru Tuesday. We've had a picnic a friend's home where Jake enjoyed playing with Thomas, swam at a great pool with those same friends where Jake splashed in the kiddy pool and swam in the big pool, had dinner at Grammie and PopPop's that ended with firefly catching around the campfire and made a roadtrip to Woodstock, NY. If you've never been there, we highly recommend it. It was a beautiful, hot day. So we lathered on the sunscreen and started off on a walk around town. There are tons of unique shops, art galleries and eclectic restaurants. Jake was fascinated by the bubble machine outside of one of the "hippie" shops. One of the neatest parts of the town was the creek that flows through. There are many bridges where you can view mini waterfalls and there's even a short walk from town to a place to put your toes (or whole body) in. It's called Millstream and was, surpisingly, not freezing! Plenty of people had climbed over the guardrail and trekked down the sharp incline to take a respite from the heat. There were mini waterfalls and slick rock areas on which to sit. There was even a rock lodge from which you could jump and plunge into about five feet of water. Although that looked great to me, it was a little too much for our little one. So we moved up the road a bit to where the water simply cascaded over the smooth rocks in a gentle flow. As we put our feet in, thunder started to roll! So we enjoyed a few minutes of the clear, cool water before heading back to town. What a great day!


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