Sunday, January 08, 2006

He's so excited to be watching Daddy play hockey. He bangs on the glass and yells "Go Daddy!". He yells more than anyone else watching the game! Will he play when he gets bigger? I think the odds are good since Daddy has played since he was 12. He's been practicing at home with a stick and a "kitty ball" - those little balls with a bell inside. He's got quite a swing!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

As we approach his 2nd birthday, I am amazed at how Jake has transformed me and our life. Probably one of the biggest lessons has been patience. Ever tried to get a diaper on a little one that's not ready to get dressed? Ever tried to get a spoonful of yogurt into someone who is more interested in clapping? He has his own timeline. And while sometimes it is inconvenient, I know he is just living and learning in his own way and it's important to respect that. This time two years ago, we were waiting impatiently for his arrival. With sciatica, back pain and a constant need to go to the bathroom, there wasn't a lot of relaxing or sleep. I just wanted him to get here already! The anticipation was palpable. Would it be a boy or girl? Would the baby be healthy? Who would he or she look like? Well, there still isn't a lot of relaxing or sleep but watching him grow is amazing! I never tire of just sitting in a room with him and observing. He finds new ways of playing with his toys that I would've never thought of. His expressions are priceless. I have new questions now but have learned patience. So instead of running through the questions in my mind constantly, I just sit - - and watch - - and wait for his life to unfold one day at a time. He is the most amazing gift ever given.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Cousin Kaylyn, PopPop and Jacob on Christmas Day...snuggling after a full day of present opening.