Friday, June 30, 2006

Contemplating life on a walk at Kinns Rd Park.

Daddy, this is how you climb the playground equipment.


Like my new bathing suit?

Wow, those frisbee dogs sure can jump high!

He's going to be a big brother! He's so excited. He snuggles with and talks to the baby a lot. He tells him/her that he wants to play hockey together. He also tells me which "milk" baby can have when he/she comes. We refer to the baby as "our baby" so he feels a part of it all. When we have an OB appointment, he always asks if the baby is going to come out. We've told him that the baby will come when Mommy gets a lot bigger and it's cold and snowy outside (December). Jake saw the first ultrasound with us ("the baby on the computer").

What a big boy he is! Wow! The changes that he's gone through in his personality and ability to communicate recently are just mind boggling. His language has improved to the point that you can almost understand everything he is saying. And they are full sentences! Some of his favorite things to talk about now are golf (I go to putting green with Daddy!), swimming (I put on my swimming diaper and my bathing suit and take off my sandals and jump in!), and the playground (I go playground Mommy!). Golf has become his new passion. He has tons of clubs now, even a "real" club that Daddy had given to cousin Big Mike when he was little. That one's a little hard to swing because of the weight. He calls it the "goalie club"! He plays around the house every day - "Watch this big shot Mommy!" - and on the putting green with Daddy a couple times a week. He's so serious about it at the green. The flags are numbered so he lets you know which one he's aiming for then lines himself up and swings. He always wants to play through, he can't let a ball get close to the hole then try another one. So cute. We're going to take him to play putt-putt this weekend. I think he'll love it.
Summer has been very wet so far but he's enjoying playing outside, riding his tricycle to "get the mail", swimming and wearing shorts and sandals. I can't wait to see him at the beach in August.